Thursday, September 9, 2010

Handle With Care

It's the kind of day when little things like a woman grasping her coffee mug around the mug portion of her beverage, totally ignoring the handle, bug me. Especially if that woman is me. I admit, I was cool. And by cool I mean affected. Take that Julie Roberts. She strikes me as the kind of woman who holds her mug in complete denial of the handle. My cup wasn't runnething over, but it was a pretty big mug. The warmth of my coffee must have produced some condensation in my full palm handshake. (I almost pretended it was some super-secret zen tea, [that I bought at an exclusive organic market that I rode my bike to after my bikram yoga class] filled with anti-oxidants that align my fifth chakra AND freshen my breath.) Shake being the operative word. I tripped (and not because my legs were wobbly from my imaginary yoga class). I am still discovering shards of how cool I am.

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