Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baking, Writing, Eating and Reading

I like to bake. Right now, I’m in my bundt cake phase. I love mixing
and measuring; swirls of chocolate blending into a sweet smelling batter of bliss.  Oh, the endless possibilities of decorating! Greasing the pan, not as much fun. Clean-up? Eh.

I like to write. Right now, I’m in my bundt cake phase of writing. I love mixing and measuring; introducing new characters, spicing things up with unexpected ingredients. Oh, the endless possibilities! Editing and re-writes, not as much fun. Clean-up? Eh.

I like to eat cake. I usually eat the cake part first, before I allow myself to savor the frosting. Mmm. I like to share my cake, and if someone asks me for the recipe? Heaven.

I like to read. I like to write things that I would like to read--and read things that I wished I could have written! The deliciousness of Marian Keyes! Susan Isaacs! Jennifer Weiner! Cecelia Ahearn! and Marina Fiorato!--I inhaled The Botticelli the dark chocolate of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ken Follett, with a sprinkling of Lee Child and Michael Connelly.

I love discovering new ingredients that I can’t wait to try myself! Tasting other masterpieces helps me become a better baker.

Eating cake while reading? I kiss my fingertips!

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  1. What a beauty! All the ingredients make it all the more loved. Wish I could have a taste.