Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stalking Marian Keyes...

She’s a Virgo, I’m a Virgo. She’s a successful internationally recognized goddess of an author, and I...well, I’ve read everything she’s ever written. I expect we would be best friends. She even looks amazingly like my younger sister, Ma... OK, my sister’s name isn’t Marian, it’s MaryBeth, but we call her Beezer, which has the exact same number of letters Marian’s name does. Coincidence? (I sometimes even call my sister an eejit!)

Her most excellent Ms. Keyes is from Ireland...I love the color green. From her first book, Watermelon, (my seventh favorite fruit) to Sushi For Beginners (I’m only up to California rolls myself!) to Anybody Out There...I have loved, read, and reread every word.

In case I am ever fortunate enough to meet her, (I will be the one wearing my skinny jeans that look brand new on account I don’t get to wear them that often, with a fancy top that covers all the right places. I think a dress would be too-too), I’m even practicing what I would say. I have been working on “Top of the morning” as an icebreaker. I am such a gobshite.

Dear Marian, Please friend me!!

Photos: Marian Keyes...                              ...and her doppelganger, my sister, Beezer!  

Dee DeTarsio is a television writer living in southern California. She’s the author of four novels, including the newly released,  The Scent of Jade  a romantic adventure set in Costa Rica. She’s the mother-slash-indentured servant of two children and is working on the screenplay for The Scent of Jade, as well as her next novel, Ros.


  1. Ha ha! It's one of my favorite words--making it a compliment!! Try it! xoxo

  2. This made me laugh and reminded me of the time I went to hear Marian read in Seattle and my best friend had to come with me so I didn't scare Marian -- whom I refer to as "my friend Marian."

  3. Ha ha--that's awesome! We really do feel like we get to "know" certain authors via their books, though, right?!! Thanks for your post! (Please read my book--you can be my friend, too!)

  4. This is too funny. I feel the same way about Nora Ephron and even wrote a post called "Stalking Nora Ephron."


    And -- I was a TV-movie writer for almost 25 years. We have a lot in common. I'm glad I came across your guest post today. I'm going to follow your blog.

  5. Hi Jayne! That's awesome! I'm following you, too--thanks!

  6. Too funny! My all-time favourite Marian Keyes novel is This Charming Man - Lola Daly is one of the funniest characters ever written! Her fall from fashion stylist to trying to claim unemployment benefits have cracked me up time and time again. "If, by monumental effort, produced everything, it still wouldn't be enough. More requests, progressively more challenging. Photo of my first pet. Three white truffles. Tom Cruise's autograph. First pressing of 'Lily the Pink'. Bottle of limited-edition Vanilla Tango (trick task, as Vanilla Tango only ever came in cans). Charcoal illustration Zinedine Zidane's bottom. Brass rubbing of Holy Grail. If I did them all, would then get letter saying, 'We have found other query. you are not entitled to any dole, you will never be entitled to any dole, but bring us 10 grams of powdered unicorn horn in a nice box and we will see if can make discretionary payment'." LOL

  7. That's awesome! I love Marian Keyes and hope she's back to writing and feeling better soon! Take care!