Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bog Party!

I have a super cool friend who is so cool I can't figure out why he bothers hanging out with the likes of me. He jets off to exotic locales like Marrakesh where he schmoozes with snake charmers, gets stranded by the volcano and then ends up in Paris, mais oui, to wait it out. I live vicariously through my friend, who just texted me that he was going to a bog party at Liberace's house...how cool is that? Not wanting to appear even more provincial than I am, I sent him my best and told him to have a great time, all the while wondering what it was, exactly, that I was missing out on now: a bog party? What could it be? A fancy new drink, imported from Scotland? A new dance craze? I couldn't figure it out and it was driving me crazy. I swallowed my pride like I hoped he'd do his condescension and texted back: btw, what's a bog party? His thumb slipped, he meant to type big party. Must. Get. A. Life.

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