Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Would Jane Jetson Do?

WWJJD? What would Jane Jetson do? When Judy and Elroy moved out to go to college and left behind bedrooms that were rejected from that creepy reality TV show "Hoarders" (for being too far gone), did she collapse at her little wasp waist and boohoo cartoon tears? I like to think she had a series of big fat buttons that made satisfying electronic noises, and got busy pushing, like she was playing a Bach concerto: Fold! Sort! Discard! Toxic Stain Removal! New Flooring! Wall Paint! Ceiling Paint! She would be exhausted, poor thing, but she would get the job done.

Who am I kidding? Jane went to lunch with George, went shopping at Mooning Dales, and Rosie the Robot had it all taken care of when she got home, allowing Jane to turn Judy's bedroom into a space meditation suite and Elroy's into an astro-aerobics room.

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